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    The Little Flower Seed wants to grow but needs some help from friends. What does a seed need to grow up? How do you grow? Can our little hero escape from the hungry grasshopper?

    A man sitting in between a toy grasshopper and bumble bee.
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    Discover the science behind crashes and collisions. Sir Isaac Newton wouldn't know what hit him!

    A woman in overalls, wearing a safely crash cap and holding a plush toy cow.
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    Questacon's amateur herpetologist, explores the fascinating world of snakes.

    A man speaking in front of a large screen that has a picture of a snake on it.
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    Find out how we perceive the world around us. Is your brain playing tricks on you?

    A man smiling and holding two over sized model hex nuts through his left arm.
  • Criminals often use fire to hide their identity and involvement. Join the Principal Scientist for the Bali bombings as he provides insight into investigations that involve fire - from both the Crime Scene Examiner's and the Forensic chemist's perspectives.




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    Join the Questacon Roadie for a musical experience like never before.  Rock on science!

    A man and a woman both dressed in roadie gear and each holding a rolled up extension lead, and the man an additional microphone.
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    All you’ve ever wanted to know about dinosaurs. New theories, old myths debunked, exciting new fossils uncovered.

    A man with his hands in the air in front of a large screen with various photos of dinosaurs.
  • Join us for an in-depth look at Nikola Tesla, the electrical genius who invented the 20th Century.

    A man with a surprised look on his face, and his hair standing up on end.

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